Oh No. Is Nas About to retire?

Oh No! Is Nas About to retire?

Oh No. Is Nas About to retire? American rapper Nas, renowned for his impressive musical catalog and the chart-topping track “King’s Disease,” stirred up excitement on social media recently. Fans swarmed his profiles with heartfelt pleas for him to continue creating music after he posted a cryptic video on his Instagram account on Friday, September 8.

In the video, Nas dropped hints about something he intriguingly dubbed “The Finale.” However, he didn’t disclose whether this is an album or another type of project. Anticipation reached fever pitch when he wiped his entire Instagram feed, leaving only this teaser post.

Fans are left to wonder whether The Finale refers to the rapper’s retirement from music or is merely the name of his upcoming album, which may be his final studio release, in light of the enigmatic statement and the emotions that followed it. What might be his final musical gift to the business in his nearly 30-year career has an air of intrigue and expectation because of this misunderstanding.

Oh No. Is Nas About to retire? -Fans Reaction in social media

Nas fans got really excited after seeing his mysterious Instagram post called “The Finale.” This post made his fans go crazy on Twitter. They quickly started talking about it. One fan even said Nas is one of the top 5 rappers.

Some fans tried to guess what “The Finale” means. They thought it might be the name of his new album. Others were worried and asked if Nas was going to retire.

Oh No. Is Nas About to retire?
Oh No! Is Nas About to retire?
Oh No! Is Nas About to retire?
Oh No! Is Nas About to retire?
Oh No! Is Nas About to retire?
Oh No! Is Nas About to retire?

We’ll have to wait and see when the rapper gives us more clues to explain what this mysterious post means. Hopefully, he’ll clear up all the rumors that are going around.

If you want to stay in the loop about his tour and updates, you can follow him on his social media accounts.

Who is Nas?

Oh No! Is Nas About to retire?

Nas, whose real name is Nasir Jones, is a famous American rapper known for his talent in East Coast hip hop. He’s considered one of the best rappers ever. Nas, the son of jazz musician Olu Dara, started his music career in 1989 using the name “Nasty Nas” and made demo recordings with Large Professor. He gained attention when he featured on the song “Live at the Barbeque” by Main Source in 1991.

Nas’s first album, Illmatic, released in 1994, received widespread praise and is often ranked as one of the greatest hip hop albums ever. In 2020, it was even be added to the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry. His second album, It Was Written, came out in 1996 and debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, staying there for four weeks. This album, along with its hit single “If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)” featuring Lauryn Hill, made Nas a global success.

Nas Networth

His estimated Networth is approximately $70 Million

Nas Personal Life

Nas is involved with P’Tones Records, a nonprofit program that offers free music programs for urban youth to create positive opportunities for them.

In June 1994, Nas became a father when his ex-fiancée Carmen Bryan gave birth to their daughter, Destiny.

Nas also had brief relationships with Mary J. Blige and Nicki Minaj at different times. In 2005, he married R&B singer Kelis in Atlanta after dating for two years. However, their marriage faced challenges, and on April 30, 2009, Kelis filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Kelis gave birth to Nas’s first son on July 21, 2009, but this event was marred by a disagreement. Nas announced the birth of his son, Knight, at a performance in Queens, New York, against Kelis’s wishes, and he also shared the news through an online video. The divorce between Nas and Kelis was finalized on May 21, 2010.

In 2018, Kelis accused Nas of being physically and mentally abusive during their marriage. Nas responded to these accusations on social media, claiming that Kelis was trying to tarnish his image during a custody battle and also accusing her of mistreating their daughter, Destiny.

Controversies and Beef

Oh No! Is Nas About to retire?

Controversies and Feuds Simplified:

In the beginning, Nas and Jay-Z were friends in the 1990s. Jay-Z asked Nas to be on one of his songs, but Nas didn’t show up. So, Jay-Z used Nas’s music in his own song. This led to a back-and-forth of subtle insults in their songs. It got worse in 2001 when Jay-Z dissed Nas in a big concert. They released songs dissing each other, with Nas eventually winning the feud. In 2005, they made up and performed together. Nas later signed with Jay-Z’s record label.

Cam’ron replaced Nas in a concert because Nas was planning to perform a song dissing Jay-Z. Nas later called Cam’ron’s album “wack,” and Cam’ron responded with insults. They had a feud for a while but made up in 2014.

2Pac thought Nas’s song was insulting him, so he dissed Nas in one of his songs. They met and ended their feud, but 2Pac was killed before he could change the song.

Young Jeezy
Nas said something negative about Southern hip-hop in a song, and Young Jeezy got upset. They had a disagreement, but later they worked together on a song.

Bill O’Reilly and Virginia Tech
Nas performed at a concert after a school shooting, and Bill O’Reilly didn’t like it because of Nas’s lyrics. They had a public argument, with Nas calling O’Reilly uncivilized. Nas also accused O’Reilly of using tragedies for TV ratings.

Lijadu Sisters
Nas used music from the Lijadu Sisters in his mixtape without permission or credit. The Lijadu Sisters were not happy about it.

Doja Cat
Nas mentioned Doja Cat in one of his songs in 2020. Some people thought it was a diss, but Doja Cat didn’t take it seriously and even made a joke about it. Later, Nas clarified that it wasn’t meant as a diss.

Business Ventures

Oh No! Is Nas About to retire?
  1. Mass Appeal Magazine: In 2013, Nas invested money in Mass Appeal magazine and became its associate publisher.
  2. Sneaker Store: In June 2013, he opened his own sneaker store.
  3. Proven: In September 2013, he invested in a technology startup called Proven, which makes a job search app.
  4. Viral Gains: He joined an investment round in 2014 for ViralGains, a viral video startup.
  5. Hennessy Partnership: Nas partnered with Hennessy and worked on their “Wild Rabbit” campaign.
  6. Koru Scholarship: In May 2014, he partnered with job placement startup Koru to fund scholarships for college graduates and also became a guest coach.
  7. LANDR: He is a co-owner of LANDR, a digital audio postproduction tool.
  8. Sweet Chick Restaurant: In June 2015, Nas teamed up with a soul food restaurant called Sweet Chick and plans to expand it nationally.
  9. HSTRY Clothing Line: He owns his own clothing line called HSTRY.
  10. Investments in Amazon Acquisitions: Nas earned $40 million when Amazon acquired Ring Inc. and PillPack. He had invested in PillPack through his firm, Queensbridge Venture Partners.
  11. Tech Startup Investments: Nas has also invested in technology startups like Dropbox, Lyft, and Robinhood.

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